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We are entirely self-funded. We love helping researchers but we also need to create a sustainable model. That is why we have introduced a discretionary financial contribution model for posting - you can pay as much as you want. Basic project posting, searching for projects, expressing interest in projects, and access to our resources and grants section are free.

The first project post is free. Thereafter, we ask for a donation or financial contribution. We have put some suggested amounts below. Your contribution will keep this website going. If you want to say thanks for our work or want to support our website, please donate an amount of your choice through the link below.
Many thanks in advance for your support.

A guide to contributions

  • AUD$20

    This is about: 

    Five coffees

    Half of a men's haircut

    A movie ticket

    Half of a research poster

  • AUD$50

    This is about: 

    Ten coffees

    A men's haircut

    Two movie tickets

    A research poster

  • AUD$200

    This is about: 

    A conference dinner

    Half a day at a conference

    10% of an open access paper

    5-10% of medical college fees

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